Recent college pressure has meant that my expendable time is…well…not expendable. This has resulted in an abandonment of certain aspects of my regular daily life, such as making music and perusing the internet for the newest of news. The former has been difficult to leave alone but the absence of the latter  has had some welcome results.

I realised how much of my time was being used up leafing through recent articles on design and music technology. While I don’t discount the benefit of these in the furthering of my knowledge, I found that  I was regularly crossing the line between inspiration and that overwhelming feeling one gets after overexposure to this inspirational material. Seeing too much of your heroes can make you feel somewhat inadequate.

The constant stream of new information flowing through my head had allowed little room for my own thoughts to develop (an effect also induced by our favourite social networking sites). To combat this I have ignored my feed reader and Facespace and only drop in on favourite blogs every so often. All this headspace has led me to develop my own ideas instead of looking at everyone elses in envy. It has also led me to begin writing this blog which, ironically, is what I was avoiding in the first place…

Stop reading my thoughts and go have your own.

Otherwise, read this for further inspiration.