Initial attempts to maintain this research blog have been hindered by…well, research. However, after some initial concepts and developments I finally have some solid work to post!

My initial design intent was to make electronic music performance more tangible and expressive. The result of my research is a portable device which allows the recording, layering and manipulation of audio loops on the fly. Audio can be recorded in (internal mic or line in), pitched up or down, stretched or shortened, chopped and re-arranged, and manipulated with various effects.

At the moment I have a fairly refined sketch model that demonstrates approximate sizing and basic interaction. The main point of interaction between user and device is a rotating platter.  Buttons in the centre of the platter will perform various operations while determining the platter’s function. A ring of 64 LEDs around the perimeter of the platter give feedback on what the device is currently doing. Some test results to follow!